Getting started

Welcome to the getting started section! 👋 Teo is the next generation open source web framework. Server development has never been this relaxed and fast before Teo is out. Teo saves developers' previous time and great bucks. It's intuitive, innovative and quite exquisite. A typical Teo workflow consists the following parts:

Choose your language stack

Teo supports three server end programming languages: Node.js, Python and Rust. Node.js works great with web technologies. Python is great for interacting with AI infrastructures. Rust is for extreme performance while it's hard to write. Choose one that suits your need or you are familiar with to get started.

Teo cares about code duplication and productivity. Thus, frontend clients are generated by Teo. Teo support 5 frontend languages: TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, C# and Dart. This almost covers the main stream frontend technics. Use these generated clients as ease or share them to frontend developers.

C# will be supported later in 2024.

Schema your data

Teo has an innovative and easy-to-read schema language inspired by GraphQL and Prisma. Database configurations, server configurations, models and enums, route handlers are all declared within it. It's great that what you write is what you think, what you see is what you get.

Teo takes your well described schema and do database migration, input validation and transformation for you.

ORM entities and server code

The auto generated route handlers may suit 80% of business need. There are always, somehow, custom requirements that need developer to write code to handle. Teo is a full-fledged web framework, not a no code or low code tool. Let Teo do the heavy lifts and generate ORM entities. Use Teo's programming API to write your code in any server language that Teo supports.

Generate clients for frontend

It's been a pity that frontend developers always duplicate request interfaces and arguments in different frontend clients. This is no longer is after Teo comes in. Teo auto-generates frontend code for interacting with Teo requests. The generated clients are type-safe and with records including builtin. TypeScript, javaScript, Swift, Kotlin, C# and Dart are supported. The clients can be generated into an existing project or a new package.

Going next

To create a Teo server app and get it running, follow our Quickstart guide. It makes no assumptions about your knowledge level and offers the fastest way from install to query with clients. To learn Teo progressively and in a flat learning curve, follow our Beginner tutorial.