Config block

Config block is a block level element which contains a schema's config items.

There are several types of config blocks and they look the same way:

connector {
  provider: .mysql,
  url: "mysql://localhost:3306/helloteo",
server {
  bind: ("", 5300),
client ts {
  provider: .typeScript,
  dest: "../hello-teo",
  host: .string(""),
  package: true,
  gitCommit: true,
entity node {
  provider: .node,
  dest: "./src/entities",

Each config block can optionally have a name. If there are multiple config blocks of the same type, a unique name is required.

Types of config blocks

There are currently 4 types of config blocks in use:

A note about the future implementation

In the future, more kinds of configs will be added. And package authors may declare their own config declaration in the packages.